Initial experiences with Domain Consultant Services at Afternic/BuyDomains

I was recently informed on my blog that Afternic (BuyDomains) offers personal consultations with a Domain Consultant. This is the one-on-one experience I feel is so important in Domain Investing. Talking to another person on the phone about your domains, who is an expert in the field and does it all day long is an extremelly valuable experience.

A Domain Consultant, Ted, contacted me and left a voicemail message. I called him back and we had our first meeting scheduled. Initially I had to provide either my password or an email list of the domains I was selling along with floor price, reserve price, asking price, etc. I’m always hesitant to give-out my passwords so I emailed the list over. I’m surprised that the consultants don’t have access to the list of domains I am selling but this was an easy step.

Ted looked-over my list and then picked-out the domains he thought could have pricing adjustments made. The great thing about his methodology is that he would explain each suggestion, I could tell he had an intuitive knowledge of this business. He was very patient and we spent time going over every single domain in my account. Ted suggested a great parking service and since these domains are not in my "Flip" category a parking page would do fine.

Now is where I think Afternic goes the extra distance. Ted emailed his contact at the domain parking service. Shortly after our call I received an email with login information and a parking account with all of my domains in it! This is nice, it would take me 2-3 mins to make an account and then 20 mins to add my domains otherwise. The whole process was done for me so I could focus on my business.

I told Ted that I had some new domains I had recently purchased and would be sending those over. Once he receives those we’ll have a follow-up call and discuss how to sell these domains. I really like that Afternic sell almost every TLD under the sun. While some of my .cc, .ws, and .mobi domains are long-term investments, I have some good ones that could make nice quick flips and this is a great service to do it through.

So, in Summary – Afternic does it right. The Domain Consultant was very knowledgable, patient, and pro-active. I left our phone call feeling good and confident that these domains would sell. I will continue to update with my experience – so far I’m a very satisfied customer!

P.S. Just a reminder to my readers that I am not endorsed by any of these services. Everything you read on my blog is a true unbiased opinion. Should anything go poorly with any of my experiences with any service – you can be sure you’ll hear about it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton