.INFO vs. .TIPS – Which Would You Choose?

So far the most activity in the new gTLD space has been around extensions that have to do with learning or expertise. The first to really raise eyebrows was .GURU which still has the most registrations out of any single gTLD. .TIPS launched this week and has seen strong interest right out of the gate. It makes sense since the Internet is an information medium so TLDs focused around places to learn and get information are performing well.

However let’s not forget that .INFO is also a new gTLD, it’s just not as new as the TLDs that are hitting the market right now. I remember when .INFO came-out, everyone said it was junk and that nobody would use it. Now .INFO names sell for $5,000 or more all the time and many of the investors who bought premium names in .INFO have made a pretty penny.

Now .INFO, .GURU and .TIPS are without a doubt different beasts, the question is, which is the best choice for a consumer? I guess the basic way I see these being different is:

.GURU – personal website (or course/book website) for an expert in a particular space

.TIPS – tips and tricks related to a specific topic, i.e. travel.tips would have, drumroll please, travel tips!

.INFO – information about a specific topic, i.e. BongoDrums.info would have information about Bongo Drums…but I could also see it having Bong Drumming tips right?

This leads to my question, as a consumer how do you decide whether to brand with .INFO and .TIPS and does it make sense to just grab both if you can? It comes down to the difference between tips and information which in some cases can be interchangeable. Geo-domains for example like LosAngeles.tips and LosAngeles.info could very likely have the same information on them, but I would expect more of a step-by-step guide on the .tips site.

What do you think? For a company that wants to build an informational site about a city, a type of music, or a popular hobby should they go with .INFO or .TIPS?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton