Is sharing your domain portfolio as risky as sharing your crypto portfolio?

We’ve all seen it happen time and time again over the years. Someone posts their crypto portfolio on Twitter and immediately people jump in to tell them to delete the tweet, fearing they’ll become a target. Some of the most famous people in crypto use aliases to hide their true identity and do their best to keep their holding confidential.

The fear is – if you post your holding and people find how much money you have, you’ll become a target for scammers and in some cases kidnappers. There are some pretty scary stories out there about crypto kidnappings, here’s one if you want to read about it.

So this begs the question – do domain investors face the same risk? Popular platforms like Efty and make it possible to share your entire domain portfolio, or at least the domains you have for sale. While you can hide your name/company name, many investors are a-okay with keeping information about who they are and what domains they own public.

This week I was talking to a good friend who has done pretty darn well with crypto. He said to me, “why do domain investors seem unafraid of posting their multi-million dollar domain portfolios publicly? Wouldn’t that make them a target just like crypto investors?”

I didn’t have a great answer for him, but it certainly does have my gears turning. What do you think? Should domain investors keep their portfolios private like so many crypto investors do or is there less risk in the domain world?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton