I think I just found the cheapest place to buy .CLUB domains

As many of you know I have been bullish on a small handful of new gTLDs. With over 1,500 new gTLDs hitting the market I’ve also made it no secret that I think many are going to be worthless. So while I don’t think anyone should rush out and try to by ten of each new gTLD, I do think there are some extensions that make sense and are run by people that are really building a meaningful brand.

.CLUB is one of the leaders of the pack in my opinion, so I’ve been buying and, as I typically do, I’ve also been looking for where to get good deals on .CLUB names. I recently did a double-take when I went to buy a .CLUB name on one of my favorite registrars, NameCheap, and found-out they are only $3.88/year.

Dot Club Deals

I just registered 6 .CLUB names for under $25, I’m not sure how long NameCheap is running this deal for but if you wanted to get some .CLUB names (or some more) now is the time.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton