I just took the new Uniregistry App (Uni) for a spin, here’s what I thought

Over the last couple of months, Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling has been hinting at a new product release that he thinks will be a game-changer for the company. If you’ve seen Frank’s Twitter account, you’ve been following the build-up to yesterday when the new product was released to the public.


Well yesterday was the day and I have now had the chance to take the new Uniregistry app, called Uni, for a spin. I can definitely see why Frank was so excited about this release – with it comes a new email service and a slick new website builder called Postboard. Here’s a look at the home screen once you’re logged in:


While I personally don’t need another email address (I probably have too many at this point!) I am incredibly curious about the email experience that Uniregistry put together so I’ll be creating another email address to play around with this feature. Postboard, on the other hand, is something I think could be really interesting for me to use as it looks like an incredibly easy way to get a nice clean site on an unused domain name.

At first glance Postboard looks like a modern version of About.me, a way to put up a really clean personal page with a bit of information about yourself and links to your site(s) and social profiles. I used to have an About.me page years ago, and hey, maybe I still have it and just don’t know where it is, but I’m due for a new one-pager so I think I’ll be using Postboard to do it.

Of course the Uni app still has all the things in it that many of us in the domain industry know and love like direct access to our domains being sold at the Uniregistry Market and the ability to manage all of our domains (no matter where they’re registered) from one app.

Like all things Uniregistry the app has an incredibly clean UX, so it’s safe to say that Uniregistry is holding the title of “The Apple of Registrars.” That being said, it’s probably time to make this statement a bit more broad since Uniregistry is now becoming a one-stop resource for a lot more than domains with the addition of email and a slick new website builder. Oh and yes, I checked and as you might expect, Frank does own Postboard.com and it forwards to Uniregistry.

Congrats to the whole Uniregistry team, I know how much work must have gone into this release. Stay-tuned, I’ll be sharing more of my experiences as I create an email address and Postboard site. What do you think of the new app? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton