How would you spend $2,500 on expired domain names?


It’s a question I often find myself running into and I know many Domain Investors ask themselves the same question all the time. To frame the question in something a bit more concrete I decided to throw out a number that I think is pretty representative for your average Domainer.

If you have $2,500, and you’re planning on investing in expired domain names, how do you spend it? There are two components to this question IMO:

  1. What average price would you pay for a domain
  2. What extension(s) would you buy

As usual, if I’m going to ask a question I need to answer it myself. My answer to this question has also changed over time and probably will continue to change, or at least to part 1. So here’s my answer:

  1. I typically find myself spending around $250 per domain but I think I’d probably have a name at the $500 – $750 range in there so I think in the end I find myself buying 7 – 8 domains for $2,500
  2. When it comes to investing I’d put 100% of this into .COM, period

Okay, that’s my two cents, now I want to hear from you. You have $2,500 to put into expired domain names, what’s the average price you pay per domain and what extension(s) do you buy. I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton