How To Change The World At WEBfest This Year

I first learned about the The Water School at DOMAINfest back in 2010, what I heard almost made me cry at one point, and gave me goosebumps at another. It’s about something that we all take for granted, clean drinking water. Sure, you might not drive a new sports car, or maybe you can’t afford to go out to dinner as much as you want, but I can tell you this, you’ve never had a problem getting clean water.


Now let’s head over to Africa where this is an enormous problem and many of the victims, are children. Since 2007 The Water School has helped over 400,000 people in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan gain access to clean drinking water. The great thing is, this isn’t a one time fix, no large water shipment makes its way to Africa with your donation. Instead, The Water School teaches people how to purify their own water for life.

Last year Richard Lau became the Executive Director of The Water School and they couldn’t have made a better pick. For those who don’t know Richard, he’s a legendary Domainer who lives in Vancouver and is absolutely one of the nicest people on the planet. Richard has been supporting The Water School since I’ve known him as well as our good friend Gregg McNair, the Executive Director of PPXi. Gregg has made supporting The Water School a major focus in his life and I can tell you that both he and Richard are responsible for so many children having the chance to live a normal life.

Every night they can go to sleep knowing that they are making the world a better place, and now you can too this year at WEBfest. WaterNight 2013 is a chance for anyone attending WEBfest to donate to The Water School and enjoy a night with industry legends and free drinks thanks to NameCheap!

To be a part of WaterNight 2013 all you need to do is make a minimum donation of $50 (although every dollar more makes a big difference!) and you’re in. You are very likely to bump-into Richard Lau, Gregg McNair, Frank Schilling, and many more at the event and of course Daina and I will be there too!

In order to make life easy they are hosting WaterNight next door to the WEBfest conference dinner. I hope to see you there, this is your chance to help make the world a better place. You can see an interview I did with Fraser Edwards the founder of The Water School from DOMAINfest 2010:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton