How to Built Targeted Mailing Lists in your Niche

I had a great idea this year that I’m finally turning into a reality. The idea is to have a unique eBook to give-away for each niche that I specialize in. Over the last three years I’ve learned that credit/debt/finance/law are the niches that perform the best for me.

When someone visits my site I usually get once chance to get them to click a link or fill-out a form. If, instead I can collect their email address and provide a free guide I can continue to market to them long after they leave the site.

Most of this inspiration can after talking with John Chow at Affiliate Summit this year. John said that initially his blog generated good income off direct ads but now a majority of his revenue came from his mailing list.

I have a good number of developed sites out there and while I’m enjoying passive income from affiliate marketing, ppc, and lead generation I’m missing-out on the incredible opportunity of high-quality targeted leads that I myself can continue to market to.

So why the eBooks?

Two reasons. First – I build quality information sites with well-written, factual content – adding an eBook on the topic only makes my site a more complete information source. Second – visitors won’t give you their email address for nothing, attached to a high-quality eBook it’s much easier to for a visitor to feel comfortable providing their address.

I also plan to write longer more in-depth versions of each of the eBooks I give-away for free and make them available for sale on my sites. Since in many cases I have dozens of sites or more in each niche I hope to build-up my lists quickly while also widely distributing my content and hopefully encouraging more people to visit my sites.

Last week I finished a travel book I’ve been working on for a few weeks…next-up is a debt guide which will find it’s first home at and then roll-out to all my other credit/debt sites!

This is all part of my continued plan to completely control my own revenue and begin to build-up valuable lists that I really should have been building for years!

Of course as always I’ll keep you updated and make sure all of you get a chance to read the books and see them in action on my sites.

It’s all about Targeted Traffic, Rick and Howard named their conference well! I am always on the quest to find-out how I can take the traffic I have now and make it even more valuable for me tomorrow and you should too! Forget relying on Google and Yahoo for your revenue…why don’t you rely on you?

Hope you are all having a great Halloween weekend! I’ll be dressed as a 70’s disco guy tonight for a party with Daina’s PhD buddies in Huntington Beach! Then off to Hollywood tomorrow for the main event…and one ofmour best matching costumes yet!


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton