– Reduced until sold

I’m going to be taking a page out of Rick’s book and begin reducing the price of my "Flip of the Month" until it is sold, starting with the last day of the month. I am hoping this will provide the most fair pricing possible while allowing my readers access to a domain with very high flip potential.

So here is the first price drop – I will continue to drop the price each day until sold.




This has been a highly requested feature of my blog so I’m hoping that by reducing the price until sold I can help appeal to those who suggested the "Flip of the Month" in the first place.

Very high flip-potential domain name. If you’ve been following along with my Anatomy of a Flip posts you can apply the exact same process to this domain to create an excellent investment. Like any "Flip of the Month" this comes with a free consultation session to help you come-up with a clear path for flipping this domain.

If you are interested please email: I am expecting this to go fast so first to email gets it. Will continue to reduce price until domain is sold.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton