Here’s what the next generation of Efty is going to look like

I was excited to learn about a new version of Efty while reading one of my favorite blogs, Konstantinos (the publisher of OnlineDomain) shared a Tweet that Efty had written last week with a video walkthrough of the new Efty and I have to say it looks really impressive. You can have a look for yourself here:

As many of you know, I have been a big fan of Efty’s for quite a while now but I’ve told Doron in the past that I do think the UX could use a bit more polish. The new UX is incredibly clean and actually exceeded my expectations for this next rev which is pretty exciting.

One of my favorite things about Efty is Reporting functionality and it looks like this got a pretty snazzy facelift in the process along with everything else. I’m not sure when the new Efty launches but I’m looking forward to it and you can bet that I’ll report back here on my blog sharing some of the cool new bells and whistles that I find.

Congrats to Doron and the whole Efty team, I know how complicated it is to get updates like made and I can’t wait to explore! On that note…any chance I can get a little beta access to play around with it even earlier? 😉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton