Here’s a creative way to sell domains that are industry-specific

Today I found an interesting article when searching around for domain news – someone listing a bunch of scuba-related domain for sale. Okay, so nothing too interesting there yet, but give me a minute here.

Domains in a related category are listed for sale, or more frequently auction, all the times on sites like Sedo but in this case, the domains were listed on a popular scuba diving blog,

Scuba Domain Names

It looks like a company called eScuba Pty Ltd. bought the domains in the 90’s (according to the blog post) and has recently reduced their prices and listed all their scuba-related domains for sale here.

What I thought was interesting about this blog post is that is showed up when I did a search on Google News for domain names. That means this particular scuba blog is an approved news source on Google News and judging by the fact that they have 286, 879 fans on Facebook and over 25,000 Twitter followers, it’s safe to say it’s a relatively popular site.

While I’m not sure if eScuba Pty paid to get this blog post on or if they’re buddies with the blog owner, I think it’s a pretty solid idea. If you think about it, you’re likely to find more people interested in buying domains related to scuba diving on a scuba diving website vs. a domain marketplace.

If I was someone in the scuba diving world, looking for a domain for a new product or service I was offering, I’d probably be pretty interested in the domains eScuba listed for sale. I thought this was an interesting idea and one that would work either for a portfolio or for one or two high-value names in a particular niche.

I’ve never tried this myself but thought it was a clever idea and worth sharing. Anyone else tried anything like this before?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton