Here Today, On A Cruise Tomorrow – DNCruise 2011 Begins!

Small Business Sunday is canceled for this week because we are getting ready to head to Florida for DNCruise 2! This is a very special cruise for Daina and I as we will be celebrating our five-year anniversary! For those who don’t know about DNCruise this is the first Domain Investing conference to ever take place on a cruise ship. It started last year and this year it’s going above-and-beyond with lunch and scuba diving with Frank Schilling!


I will be doing my best to update my blog from the cruise ship. That’s right, I’m going to use their crazy overpriced WiFi to get some update out to you land lovers. I have also spent the last few days writing posts for next week so along with DNCruise updates you’ll also have a normal week of posts on!

Below is a look at the route we’ll be taking. In a few hours we are headed to Tampa, get ready DNCruise – here we come!


If you missed the cruise last year you can still re-live it through my posts!

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Below you can see a few pictures I took last year, of course many more to come this year!



Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton