DNCruise Day One Starts Now!

Technically day one of DNCruise has begun. No – I’m not on the ship yet, if I was this blog post would cost a small fortune to publish. We’ll be leaving Patrick’s house around 10AM and hopefully on the ship sipping margaritas by noon!

So what’s the plan for today?

At 4:00PM the Cruise ship heads-out of Miami and down towards Key West – our first destination.

Registration takes place tonight followed by an opening night party from 5:00-6:30. Oh and it’s all you can drink so this should be one heck of an hour and a half!!

After that we get some chill time, we are on a cruise ship and Patrick has done an awesome job of putting together great sessions, while also allowing people to enjoy the cruise and get some R&R.

At 8:15 we’ll all get together again for dinner. This is another great thing about the cruise – we all eat together! At most conferences I’ve been to people scatter to different restaurants each night breaking into small social groups. While there’s nothing wrong with this I’m pretty excited about having dinner with everyone each night!

Okay – no more time to write this post – we’re off to Miami. If you’re coming with I’ll see you on this ship – if not stay-tuned and I’ll do my best to make you feel like you’re on the adventure with us!

P.S. I can’t promise daily updates given the Internet connection cost on the boat ($0.75/min), however I will do my very best to give you as many updates as I can!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton