Help me design a t-shirt to celebrate my 11-year blogging anniversary


Last year I told myself I was going to make t-shirts to celebrate the ten year anniversary of my blog. Then, the year got so busy that my 10-year blogging anniversary came and went in a flash. Yes, I know, 11 years isn’t normally a time to celebrate something, but I also don’t want to wait until 15 or 20 years so I figured now is probably the best time to do it.

Oh and the shirts aren’t for me, they are for you, my readers all over the world who have been reading my blog for all of these years. I want to make a shirt, as a gift to you, so not surprisingly I want your input in the design process.

First things first, it should not have my name or logo emblazoned on the front. Instead I want to have something on the front that celebrate you as a domain investor that might get a conversation or two started if someone sees it. I was thinking of something clever like, “I domain therefore I am” (too cheesy?) across the front. It should be something that you feel like you would wear and would represent your own pride behind being a Domainer.

Stock market investors are proud, real estate investors are proud, and I think we should all be proud of the time and energy we put into investing in domain names. Yes, we’re often confused with cyber-squatters, but I’ve always felt that it is part of our mission to set people straight and let them know that what we do is just another form of investing. Like real estate and the stock market, it takes time to do the research, pick the right names, and sell for a profit. Whether you make $10,000, $100,000, or millions of dollars a year – you should be proud to be a Domainer.

I came up with three ideas for what could go on the front of the shirt to kick things off, and I’d love to hear what my readers think and generate additional ideas if you don’t like any of these three. The shirts will be available for free to anyone who reads my blog. This is my way of saying thanks for reading what I’ve had to say for all of these years and keeping going strong for over a decade.

With that said, here are the three ideas I had for the front of the shirt:

  1. I domain therefore I am
  2. Domainer
  3. Wait until you see my domain portfolio

Now I can’t tell whether all three of these suck or if one of them calls out to you and you’re thinking, “I’d love to have a shirt with that on it!” So this is where you come in. What would you like to see on the front of a t-shirt?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton