Have a Product Domain? How Are you Monetizing It?

Product domains are HOT! Chances are you either own some product domains already, or your buying in the space…or maybe you’ve missed the excitement completely! Either way people are nabbing product domains like crazy now and I’m interested to better understand how they are monetizing the traffic.

One of the best things about a Product Domain is that you know exactly what your visitor is looking for. Chances are if someone is on your site, let’s say it’s BlueBedspreads.com – you know they are looking for blue bedspreads.

Lately I’ve seen more and more requests come-in for product domain development. The problem is – it’s not my niche! My specialty is making money with credit/debt/finance/law domains not product domains!

As I’ve said many times before on my blog, know what you know and know what you don’t know. So I thought I’d ask all of you to better understand what’s working for people. I have build-out Amazon stores before but have found very weak results.

I think investors could really make some good money with product domains by establishing relationships with manufacturers in the niche. Let’s take the BlueBedspread.com example. You could attend a bedding tradeshow (those exist right?) and meet with as many bedding companies as you can, tell them about your site and what you think you could offer them. Can’t go to a show, call or email the top companies in your niche.

It only takes having one or two manufacturers on-board with you and then you’re making 30%-60% on each sale rather than 3%-6% like you get with Amazon. It’s all about moving up the revenue ladder and when it comes to selling product I think being a dealer for a manufacturer rather than an affiliate for a 3rd party is the difference between running a website and running a business.

If you have this direct relationship then if Amazon changes their policy or kicks you out of the program you aren’t suddenly out of luck. Having a direct relationship not only dramatically improves your revenue, it puts you in charge of the relationship!

So now my question goes to all of you! If you have product domains how are you monetizing them? Most importantly is it working? A lot of the feedback you provide will be used to help guide my new product domain development option that we’ll be rolling-out over the next couple of months. For now you can see all the great development services we offer at www.LintonInvestments.com/services.html
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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton