A Comment So Good – I Had To Post It!

I recently wrote a post about why people were having liquidity problems. I brought-up three main issues that is oftentimes holding people back. These are:

  1. Crappy Domains
  2. Unrealistic Pricing
  3. Not Actively Selling

I’ve been getting a very high volume of email from people with crappy names and crazy prices so I finally thought it was time to write a post like this. If you missed it you can read it here: Having Liquidity Problems? There Are Plenty Of Buyers – Here’s Why You Might Be Missing Them!

There were a lot of great comments on this post but one stuck-out and was so good that I decided to publish it on the blog for everyone to read. The comment is by Rob Sequin, a well known Domainer and Broker. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Rob for taking the time to write such an excellent comment and I hope all of you enjoy!


GREAT post!

1. I get emails and phones calls many times a week from people asking me to broker their crappy names. I can tell in one minute whether I can help them or not.

The phone calls start out like “I’ve registered a couple hundred domains…” or something like that. I tell people if you’ve hand regged a domain in the past three years, it’s probably not worth anything. Either wait five years, develop it or drop it.

So, that addresses the crappy names part. You’re right, take a hard look at your portfolio.

2. If the domains are not crappy, which most are, then I ask about pricing. $100k for this $50k for that. I tell people speculation is out of the market and domain investors are either developing what they have or are selling their domains. VERY few domain investors are looking to buy domains.

So, then there are end users… it’s a long shot selling to end users to start but if your domain is priced over $5k, it’s a REAL long shot that you’re going to sell to end users.

3. Price your domains. For years I played hard to get by not putting prices on my domains. That works occasionally but this tactic puts off more buyers than it attracts. Also, no one wants to price their domain too low.

However, since my Sedo rep told me to price as many domains as I could with buy it now prices, I’ve sold about $8k in domains over a few months.

If you’re not going to develop your domains or don’t want to sell for whatever reasons, don’t price them. However, if you think you might let a domain expire within one year, price it at $1995, $1295, $995, $495 or $295.

Works for me.



Rob also runs http://SellingToEndUsers.com – a site that has his process for harvesting, qualifying and contacting end users. Thanks again Rob!

As always I welcome your opinions! Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton