HandSurgeon.com Sell For $3,605 on Go Daddy Auctions


It’s been an exciting afternoon at Go Daddy Auctions with a ton of activity in the last five minutes for HandSurgeon.com. Originally registered in 1996 this domain definitely raised some eyebrows mine included and I bowed out of the bidding at $2,800. The term “hand surgeon” has 720 exact-match local searches and a CPC of $2.40. While these metrics are certainly lower than what I’d normally bid this high for I like the name and having had hand surgery in the past I had a bit of an emotional connection with the name.

That being said, Doctors aren’t always the easiest people to sell domains to but with HandSurgeon.org owned and operated by a hand surgeon I’m guessing whoever is bidding on this plans to flip it to one of the many hand surgeons out there. When looking at the bidding history it is two bidders that are battling this out between each other which always makes you wonder if in the end they are pricing themselves out of a profitable purchase. What do you think, at $3,605 do you think the buyer got a good deal or do you think that these two bidders let the excitement of the auction get the better of them causing the buyer to overpay for this domain?

Photo Credit: Free for Commercial Use via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton