Go Daddy Ups Their WordPress Game with ThemeBeans Acquisition

I’ve been using WordPress for quite a while now, and as such, I have tried a lot of different themes over the years. In the early days of my blog I was a big fan of WooThemes, but over time they pivoted away from making themes for personal blogs like mine and instead focused on eCommerce.

Right now I use a WordPress theme called Thesis for MorganLinton.com, but when I went to launch a new blog on Morgan.xyz last year, I began the search for new theme options. That’s when I stumbled on ThemeBeans and the code magician that is Rich Tabor.

What really impressed me about all the themes that Rich makes is how clean they are, both on the backend to update and modify, and on the front-end when it comes to usability and clean, clear design. Couple this with Rich’s ability to really push pixels around with mastery when moving between desktop, mobile, and tablet, and it’s safe to say ThemeBeans is at the top of the food chain when it comes to WordPress themes.

Yesterday I was excited to see an update from Rich on Twitter, ThemeBeans has been acquired by Go Daddy, and with it – they also got Rich!

ThemeBeans acquired by Go Daddy

Along with ThemeBeans, Go Daddy also now owns CoBlocks which is a super slick set of page building content blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor in WordPress. You can read a bit more about CoBlocks, not surprisingly at CoBlocks.com.

IMHO Rich is one of the top innovators in the WordPress community and now that Go Daddy has him on the team, and his amazing themes and page building tools, it’s safe to say Go Daddy has pretty much instantly become the trend-setter in the WordPress world.

Huge congrats to both Rich and Go Daddy, this is definitely one heck of a win for both sides!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton