Go Daddy Prepares For .XYZ, Opens Pre-Registration

Go Daddy .XYZ

I’ve made it no secret that I believe in the people behind .XYZ and the amazing things they are going to do with it. Of course one of the keys to a successful gTLD launch is having a strong relationship with Go Daddy and it’s clear that .XYZ has their support as I spotted this Pre-registration page on Go Daddy in anticipation of the .XYZ launch.

At $14.99/year .XYZ has one of the lowest pre-registration prices out there and if anyone has a specific name they want right now you can skip to the front of the line with Priority Pre-Registration which is $389.99. Given that many one-word .ANYTHING’s have been selling for thousands of dollars this could be a good way to lock in a price for the name you want at under $500.

If you don’t know Daniel (founder of .XYZ) make sure to read more about him here, it is because of him and the team around him that I think .XYZ is going to be a home run, and it’s launching soon!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton