.GG is becoming quite popular in the eSports world

.GG, it’s a domain extension that you might not have heard of before, and if you have heard about it, it probably means you’re interested in eSports. While .GG isn’t popular for Domainers, startups, or really just about anyone – it has become a go-to extension in the eSports world and is now used by some of the top teams brands in the world.

Here are just a few examples.


NRG eSports is one of the top eSports teams in the world. It has a ton of celebrity investors including Kevin Nagle, one of the owners of the Sacramento Kings, JLo, Anthony Noto (COO of Twitter and former CFO of the NFL), and many more. They have their site located at NRG.gg, and don’t own the .COM.


Evil Geniuses is the #2 top grossing eSports team in the world. To-date they’ve made over 21 million dollars winning tournaments. They happen to be one of my personal favorite teams and yes, they can be found at EvilGeniuses.gg.


Cloud9 is another top ranking eSports team that has won over $8M in tournaments. You get can probably guess where to find them, Cloud9.gg.

As for .GG sales, a .GG name sold on Sedo a couple of weeks ago, bet.gg for $8,503, a week before that t1.gg sold for $1,846, also on Sedo. I personally don’t own any .GG domains and it’s probably not an area I’d look at investing in much since I really don’t think someone is going to spend big bucks to get a .GG name, but it’s still an interesting market to watch.

If you’re looking to buy a .GG domain, the best place I know to get them is 101Domain.com where you can register them for $129 a pop. Not the cheapest domain extension but if you think about it, anyone who really wanted to buy it from you could probably shell out $1,500 don’t you think? Who knows, I have no experience selling them so your guess is as good as mine for now.

With the growth of eSports outpacing just about every traditional sport the big question is, will .GG see strong growth with it? What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton