Getting Started with Twitter

Only recently have I truly understood the power of Twitter. Twitter is not just the latest trend link MySpace was so many years back. Instead, Twitter is already changing the way that people communicate online. Along with a new communication medium Twitter is also an essential marketing tool for any Domainer or online (or offline) business. Chef Patrick, who I’ve oftentimes called my Marketing Messiah has shown me the power of Twitter as a brand-building marketing tool.

While I’m usually quick to hop-on the technology bandwagon it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I really started to understand the power of Twitter. Unlike a blog Twitter isn’t only about posting long-winded updates to the world. Instead Twitter is about interacting with others. This is the key differentiator with Twitter – it makes it easier than ever to share your opinion and converse with others.

If you think of a standard blog – people certainly comment, but you can’t comment nearly as quickly as you can @reply to a Tweet. The genius behind Twitter has a lot to do with the 140 character limit which pushes people to say what they are trying to say and get it out there. I am especially bad at doing this since I’m always found my self to be a bit on the wordy side, this may have delayed my acceptance of Twitter. However, now that I get it, I realize the HUGE audience I am already able to reach with Twitter.

In my latest video I explain how to get started with Twitter and some essential tools that every new Twitter uses must have. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and get the inside scoop from!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton