Getting Ready For Lean Startup Machine NYC – Day 1

In less than three hours I will be over at AOL’s Headquarters in NYC for the opening night networking event for Lean Startup Machine NYC. I have been really excited about this all day and also busy getting ready for the event. All attendees have been asked to read the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development which I read this afternoon. Initially I planned on reading it, then breaking for lunch, and then coming back to it, but I found myself unable to put it down and read it cover-to-cover.


Really incredible book that has already changed the way I think about startups and my own businesses. The book covers a lot of great material but if you were going to boil it down to once sentence (which they do at the very end) it is: “Test Your Assumptions.” Lots of great insights about learning from your customers and I know this will be totally incredible to put-into practice over the next few days here in New York.

After finishing the book I took a quiz which then gave me access to the Lean Startup Machine social network. It’s been fun to read the intros of other members and hear some of the cool ideas that people have. I can already tell that the creative juices will be flowing tonight, everyone seems very inspired, passionate, and excited!

I’m in Brooklyn now getting ready to have a quick meeting with my law firm (best law firm on the planet – Lewis and Hand LLP) which I couldn’t miss-out while I’m staying in Brooklyn. They have been my law firm since the early days of my business but I’ve never been out to Brooklyn to see there offices. Since I’m staying with a friend in Brooklyn I knew I had to find some time to see the offices and say hello to Brett.


After that it’s onto AOL’s corporate headquarters for the opening night of Lean Startup Machine. Stay-tuned – there’s more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton