Getting Ready for Affiliate Summit West 2011

The first week in January is always refreshing for me, even though 2010 was only a few days ago it really does feel “so last year.” Now my focus shifts to Affiliate Summit West which is coming-up this Sunday through Tuesday in Vegas. This conference was one of the best that I attended last year and really helped me improve my business. Now, one year later my business has doubled and I’m looking to take things to the next level once again!

Affiliate Summit West 2011

Affiliate Summit is a great conference for Domainers that are interested in developing and monetizing their domains. The conference has an entire “Monetization Summit” track that I am excited about attending and covering on my blog.

Before you attend any conference you should take the time to put-together a plan with solid, achievable goals. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I’m doing to get ready for Affiliate Summit to get the maximum benefit out of the conference.

Scheduled Meetings
I like to pick one day for meetings and the other days for attending seminars and learning about new companies. In the past I’ve booked meetings every day which leads to a chaotic schedule. This year I’m only booking meetings on Monday so I can have Sunday and Tuesday free.

My meetings are very targeted and focused on specific brands – below is a list of my main goals for the show:

Kayaking(dot)Org – Meet with existing affiliate partners. Find more outdoor/sporting-related affiliate programs. Leave the conference with two new affiliate partners for the site. Get advice on running the directory, ways to improve it, seo, etc.

StimulusCheck(dot)us – Meet with existing affiliate partners. Find tax/government-related affiliate programs. Partner with one company to test with from February – June. Get advice on tax/government-related affiliate sites.

DebtEliminationPrograms(dot)com – Find debt elimination affiliate program with pay-per-call and pay-per-lead functionality. Setup test program to run from February – June.

Domain Flipping eBook – Third Edition – The third edition of my book is finished and has been carefully reviewed by over ten different editors! At Affiliate Summit I want to determine if I still want to sell the book through ClickBank or if I should change to a different solution. I have been selling my book through ClickBank for years but haven’t really taken the time to evaluate the other options out there. This year at Affiliate Summit I want to understand all the players in the space and make a good choice for the third edition.

Lead Generation – I want to continue learning more about lead generation and there are some great sessions at Affiliate Summit that should help me take that side of my business to the next level.

Daina will be coming with me and enjoying her first Affiliate conference. She had a blast at her first Domain show – TRAFFIC Dublin and she will also be coming to DOMAINfest in February! It is exciting to see Daina get excited about the space and I’d like to thank everyone that has made her feel so welcome.

I will be doing extensive coverage of Affiliate Summit West so stay-tuned starting this Sunday or of course you could come to the show and experience it for yourself! It’s 2011, what are you doing to take your business to the next level?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton