Flippa Starts 2011 With a Bang, Zeerk.com Sells for $74,999

*Update – It looks like the Zeerk.com sale did not go through, Fusible did a story about some of the funky Flippa bidding yesterday. Even with this sale out of the picture I still think Flippa is seeing a nice start to 2011…looks like they’ll still have to work-out some kinks with their auction service, it definitely has a ways to go until we can trust every sale they publish!

Flippa has had a record start to the year with some huge sales taking place already in the first three days of the month. Just take a look at the list below that shows some highlights from the last few days. One of the most notable sales is Zeerk.com, a website with a claimed profit of $5,000/month. Along with Zeerk.com, SmashingShare.com, a PR4 blog getting over a million visitors/month sold for $32,500. How much would you pay for 1.7 million visitors/month?

2011_flippa_salesNow by no means am I saying in this post that it’s easy to build-up a site with 1.7 million visitors or $5,000 in revenue/month – that is hard to do! What I am saying is there is liquidity in this market, which is great for all of us in the Domaining space that are busy launching online businesses, rather than parking a collection of domains. I think these results also show the direction that the end-user is going, buying a proven online business is a much safer bet for an end-user in this economy than an undeveloped name.

I think 2011 will be a strong year for domains with traffic and domains that have been developed into real profitable businesses. If you have a big portfolio of domains that you think would make a fortune if developed…what are you waiting for? If you’re waiting for the buyer you might be waiting for a very long time…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton