Getting Link Partners – The Old Fashioned Way

As many of you know – we recently launched one of our new flips – Kayakin(dot)org. This represents one of our largest investments to date as well as an incredibly high-potential flip. For those of you who have read my book – this may be a bit of review for you. For those of you just getting started with domain flipping – let this serve as a very valuable lesson.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "Dress for the job you want"? Well the same applies to domain flipping but can be rephrased to make a bit more sense, "Contact the sites positioned where you want to be." This may not roll off the tongue quite as well but it is just as effective.

When launching a website, and in our case, when flipping a domain – it is important to do a simple Google search for the keyword that is most important to you. Then, look at the top 5-10 sites Google returns – these should become your key targets for link partners because – that is where you want to be some day!

So what's the process? It's actually quite simple. Put together a basic email introducing yourself and letting them know that you and them are in the same market. You can then offer to place a link onto your site for them if they do the same for you. While you might strike-out for the first ten slots, if you keep on trying – you'll find some very valuable link partners. In the end both of your sites will benefit which is why it is key that you make a real website rather than a simple parking page.

Too many new domainers join link exchange programs only to find-out that the pages they are linking to are of poor quality and little use to their visitors. Find sites that will be valuable to your visitors, be persistant, keep on trying, becuase in the end you want to be them and linking is the way to start! So be bold, be prepared to be turned-down a bit, but each time pick yourself back up and move on – you'll thank me later!

Happy flipping and if you haven't done so alreay – read my book.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton