From Manchester to Dublin – The Adventure Continues

The adventure continues as we make our way to TRAFFIC Dublin! Today was an incredible day and quite a travel adventure. I took a ton of videos so I’ll keep the text short since the videos do a much better job of telling the story!

We started our day at the Manchester train station. To get to Dublin we took two trains and a ferry – both the train and ferry were awesome! We had a blast and got a great opportunity to see the English countryside and Wales! Below are some videos I took from the train that I think do a good job of capturing the moment!

On the train we met a really nice guy from Ireland named Fred. He was also headnig to Dublin and helped us navigate the somewhat confusing train transfer schedule. Fred also brought the beer and by noon we were sipping Guiness and flying-by the English and Wales countryside.

We made it to the ferry at around 1:00PM and quickly found-out that we weren’t just on any ferry – we were on the Ulysses – the largest car ferry in the world!

It was more like a cruise ship than a ferry and we decided to upgrade to Club Class which meant we had our own wing on the boat with free wine, cheese, etc. If you want to join in on the experience just watch the videos below!

After the ferry we hopped-into a cab and headed into downtown Dublin.

We arrived at our hotel – The Morgan – an excellent four-star hotel in the heart of temple bar – Dublin’s main party core! Here’s a quick look at our room that I took for

After we got settled-in at our hotel it was time to check-out the scene – we walked-out of our hotel and Boom! There was Dublin!

So now you’re probably wondering what we’re up to – so I’ll show you! We are rocking-out at an incredible bar in the heart of Dublin singing our hearts out!

We came back to the hotel so I could write this post – now time to get back out there and enjoy Dublin!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton