Countdown to TRAFFIC Dublin 2010

Today was day two in Dublin and all I can say is this city is AMAZING! The morning started with an incredible downpour and then completely sunny skies about two minutes later. This repeated itself for most of the day truly proving that weather in Dublin can’t make-up its mind.

It’s funny to see how the locals respond to the rain. They seem completely used to the constant change as many duck-into phonebooths (yes they still exist) and doorways to wait it out.

In the afternoon we took the tour bus around Dublin – great to learn more about the city. So much incredible history here – which of course led us to one of Dublin’s most famous locations – the Guinness factory.

The Guinness factory tour was a lot of fun and I’m now certain I know more about beer and the beer-making process than I ever wanted to know. The Guiness store/museum is actually a giant seven-story beer glass! Much more elaborate than I expected and it’s the end of the tour that really takes it over the top.

The tour takes you up all seven stories, each floor focusing on a different facet of Guinness. At the very top there is a cylindrical room with all glass walls – it’s the highest viewpoint in Dublin and the view was incredible. I took a bunch of videos that I’ll upload soon. While you soak-in one of the best views in the world you get to enjoy a perfectly prepared Guinness – pure heaven!

After the Guinness factory we headed to the hotel where TRAFFIC is taking place to meet with some of the other panelists. I’ll be speaking on the Site Clinic panel – should be really interesting!

Next we met-up with some fellow Domainers for dinner and drinks at a traditional irish pub and restaurant. I had the best sheppards pie I’ve ever had…but come’on we’re in Ireland!

Tomorrow TRAFFIC Dublin starts with opening remarks beginning at 10AM – which means it’s time for bed! I’ll be posting more videos over the next few days and providing some great live-updates from TRAFFIC Dublin so if you aren’t here – I’ll do my best to make you feel like you are!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton