From Ancient Rome to Virtual Reality – my talk at TEDx Rome is now live on You Tube

A few months ago I had the incredible honor of speaking at TEDx in Rome. I’ve been watching TED and TEDx talks for years and was hoping some day I would have the chance to give a talk myself so when the opportunity came up, I jumped on it.

The topic of my talk is something I am very passionate about since we live it every day at Bold Metrics, the evolution of commerce. In the five years that we’ve been running our company the retail world has seen a major shift as consumers are now shopping on mobile rather than desktop, and to be blunt, Amazon is eating everyone for lunch.

The theme for TEDx Rome this year was centered around looking twenty years in the future and I’m a big believer that physical screens will go the way of the dodo and Virtual and Augmented Reality will become the way in which we interact with computers, televisions, smartphones, etc. This of course also means that commerce and shopping as a whole will also go through a huge transformation as this new medium comes of age.

My talk is now live on You Tube (in fact it has been for some time now but I just forgot to mention it on my blog) so if you didn’t fly out to Rome to hear me speak you can now watch it from the comfort of your own home, enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton