For those keeping score – there were some pretty stellar .TV domain sales in September


I don’t own many .TV domains, for me personally I’ve found they’re hard to flip and years ago I dropped most of the .TV domains that I own. Still I’ve held onto a handful of them and I still watch the market to see how .TV names are selling. Last month I was pleasantly surprised to see that .TV domains sold at a pretty nice clip with some sales prices that made me do a double-take.

The top sale from last month, as reported by NameBio was for $60,000 which sold on NameJet. That seems like a really nice price for and it was in good company with some other nice .TV sales in September. Here’s a look at the top five:

  1. – $60,000 (NameJet)
  2. – $35,000 (Sedo)
  3. – $15,000 (private sale)
  4. – $11,778 (Sedo)
  5. – $9,103 (NameJet)

Looking back at August there was only one five-figure .TV sale reported, which went for $16,000. So was there something in the air in September or are end users starting to look more and ccTLDs that look like gTLDs that they might not have noticed as much in the past?

It’s something I’ve wondered about the new gTLD program. While I agree, many domain investors don’t see the new gTLD program as a runaway success, and I’d have to agree on the whole, there’s no doubt that it’s made the average person think more about the idea of using TLDs that speak to the type of content that’s on their site.

Given the incredible growth in the online streaming world it’s not a surprise that .TV might get increasingly more interesting to a larger audience. From You Tube to Twitch, to Netflix and Hulu, cable is out and streaming is in, and more and more regular people are becoming online video content producers, and many of them are looking for their home on the web.

online streaming(Source – DaCast)

Of course I think it’s fair to say that I’m looking at a very small sample size here so it could just be completely random that .TV had such a solid set of sales in September. Still, I do think that the new gTLD program is getting consumers to think differently about what comes to the right of the dot, and while I agree .COM is king and will always command the highest prices, it is interesting to see a TLD like .TV with some pretty healthy sales prices.

What do you think? Is this just a blip in the radar that I’m making a big deal out of for now reason or is .TV going to be on more people’s radar given the growth in the online streaming space?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton