Flippa releases new offering – Flippa Exclusives 😎

Flippa, the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses and websites recently released a new offering called Flippa Exclusives which you can think of as a small collection of private, off-market listings.

Out of the gate I’m told the new offering will be available to people who run their business using Quickbooks Online, Stripe, or Shopify which should cover a ton of businesses. That being said, it sounds like Flippa will be adding support for apps, Saas, eComm, and media ad businesses shortly.

What I’ve noticed, that you might be noticing as well is that Flippa is really trying to up their game when it comes to verifying revenue stats. By connecting directly with accounting solutions like Quickbooks Online and payments solutions like Stripe Flippa can go much further to verify that the money a businesses says they make, is actually what they’re making.

🤩 🤩 🤩 So there’s one feature I read about that well, deserved the star eyes emoji, and three of them. Flippa has a price beat guarantee that I’m not sure I’ve seen before on any marketplace. Essentially, Flippa will ensure that you sell your asset and pay lower fees than anywhere else. As for all the mechanisms they employ to do this, I can’t tell you, but it’s a guarantee so it sounds like they’ll do what it takes.

So when will Flippa users opt for Private Exclusives?

  • IMO one of the best uses of this new option is to test market demand
  • Companies where key partners might see an exit as risky
  • Companies where the owners or employees want to make sure to keep the sale private and discreet

Flippa has a massive market of buyers that includes Private Equity firms and institutional buyers so I can see sellers with six and seven figure businesses really digging this new option. Qualifying assets can select the option through Flippa’s onboarding process or contact AccountManager(at)flippa.com for more information.

Congrats to Flippa on adding this feature – while we might not hear about the sales, my guess is this will make 2021 one heck of a year for them! 🥳

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton