Flippa Friday: TheBomb.com, Namoro.com, 5k.io

Flippa Friday

Hello,  good morning, and welcome to another Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com This week I have had a lot of new readers come to the blog so I thought I would quickly re-explain what Flippa Friday is all about. Every week I go through the domain names selling on Flippa and pick names that I think would make good investments or development candidates.

I’m not about creating long lists of names but instead like to keep it short and sweet typically 4-6 names per week. While I have plenty of people who email me asking for their names to be included I only do so if I truly think your domain represents a real investment or potential development candidate. I don’t charge to have your domain included and there’s no affiliate links in here so I could care less whether you bid or buy any of the names below.

Got it? Let’s rock.

TheBomb.com – in my mind this is a much better name than Bomb.com and it’s not often that putting the word “the” in front of a name makes it better. This is insanely easy to remember and it means “it’s the Bomb!” which is a good thing.

Namoro.com – this means dating in Portuguese and last time I checked there were 198 million people in Brazil alone most of whom speak Portuguese. Even if you don’t care about the meaning of the word I think it makes a great brandable.

5k.io –  it’s no secret that .IO domains are literally on-fire in the startup work. This is a nice short one perfect for a running or fitness app (warning, I am already bidding on this one). The “Buy It Now” for $25,000 is insanely high for a .IO but under $2k I see it as a good deal.

Movie.info – I can still remember when people used to consider .INFO junk, investors stayed away, now they have very real value, sure you’ll never see a .INFO trump a .COM sale but when it comes to gTLDs it’s one of the top five when it comes to real value.

Calculus.wiki – while I don’t think .WIKI domains are going to be worth a fortune, I do think there are a few that are good and this is one of them. Now I am a bit biased since I love calculus and was damn good at it a million years ago when I was in college. This is one I wouldn’t buy to flip, only buy this if you want to develop it and share your calculus knowledge with the world.

Borough.com – solid one-word .COM, 17-years old, and it hit its reserve at only $3,000. The only issue I have with a name like this is that while everyone knows the word, not everyone can spell it. Still I like this name and do think it’s a steal below $5,000.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton