Flippa Friday: Salons.com, Gem.org, Ship.net, GiftCards.org

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday, and hello from beautiful sunny Southern California. I’m sitting out on my patio right now as I write this post and thought I’d share picture, since it’s after 5PM here you’ll notice I am enjoying a beer.

Marina del Rey

Hopefully you’re winding down after a busy week, if not, start now and enjoy this list of awesome domain names now available for sale on Flippa.

Salons.com – massive category-killer. Look no further than companies like StyleSeat to see how big this market is.

Gem.org – how could you say no to this gem?

Ship.net – there is a lot of disruption going on in the shipping space right now. Look at startups like Shyp who are revolutionizing the way people ship things.

GiftCards.org – another solid .ORG. The Gift Card industry is huge, just like Gem.org this is great for someone who wants to build-out the business themselves.

Printer.ly – no bids yet so you could get this one for under $10 depending on what the reserve is. While I’m normally not a big .LY guy for anyone building a company in the online printing space this could be a nice brand.

Okay that’s it for me, have a great weekend everyone!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton