Flippa Friday: Revise.me, Movie.info, AppDesignSchool.com

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to another exciting Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! It is very clear that the new gTLDs are having an impact on Flippa’s inventory as we’re seeing more .GURU, .XYZ and other TLDs start to hit the market. As I have said many times before I don’t think investing in new gTLDs is going to turn out to be a profitable move for domain investors, but I do think in the hands of an awesome startup a business can absolutely be built around just about any new TLD.

So you probably won’t see me recommending that you buy a new gTLD on Flippa but there are some proven TLDs like .ME, .INFO, and .CO that have seen some nice liquidity that I do think can make solid investments, if you buy low enough.

Okay enough from me, let’s get to the names. Remember, I only recommend names I would buy myself so while I do get a ton of requests for people to have their names listed most aren’t included as while I might like the name, I don’t think it would make a good investment.

Revise.me – very solid .me domain, unique.me sold for $8,000 less than two weeks ago and I see Revise.me being equally valuable depending on the buyer.

Movie.info – .info names seem to have very nice resale values on Flippa. I remember when .INFO came-out and everyone said they would be junk and worth nothing in five years…I bet those folks are eating their words now. Currently at $8,700 with four days to go.

AppDesignSchool.com – this auction is for a batch of 60 exact-match domains. While I think plenty of these 60 are mediocre, I think there are 5-10 names worth keeping and at the right price this could be a nice portfolio play.

BulkPriced.com – nice two-word .COM and it looks like it’s going to sell for a pretty nice price. I’d only buy this one if you know the niche and can reach active buyers in the space.

Leah.com – very solid first name .COM, an even better buy if your name is Leah.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton