Flippa Friday: PPC.io, Dollars.info, Thriller.com, Source.io

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! Now you might notice a couple of .IO names in my list this week, that is because Flippa now seems to have some of the best premium .IO inventory. As I’ve always said, .COMs will always provide top dollar and maximum liquidity, but I do like a good .IO and .INFO name now and then too – enjoy!

AppGames.com – gaming is the biggest app market, this would be a pretty logical name for a site dedicated to gaming apps. Not a ton of flip potential at the current price but looks like those interested in development and monetization are already on it.

PPC.io – .IO names are selling like hotcakes on Flippa, many for 10x or more what people paid for them. This is a solid name nice, short, and easy-to-remember.

Dollars.info – to be perfectly honest I’m not sure why people seem to love this one so much. This is one of those I probably wouldn’t but myself but I thought I’d highlight as it shows how hot the .INFO market is.

Thriller.com – I love this name, and not just because it makes me think of the Michael Jackson Thriller music video. Great name, incredibly easy-to-remember and a broad range of uses.

Source.io – now this name I really like, perfect for a .IO domain name and I see a future GitHub competitor living on this name.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton