Flippa Friday: PitchingMachinesNow.com Sells for $149,000

Flippa had another blockbuster sale this week with PitchingMachinesNow.com selling for $149,000. If you look at just the Domain Name you probably could never see why this would be worth six-figures, look at the business and it makes a whole lot of sense. This is an online business that makes over $8,000/month in profit and has incredible rankings in Google for “pitching machines” and “batting cages”. When I search on Google for “pitching machines” I see the stellar ranking for PitchingMachinesNow.com and PitchingMachines.net, but PitchingMachines.com is nowhere to be found and thus missing-out on a ton of potential revenue.


This is a great sale for Flippa and the owner of this business that took an “okay” domain name and turned it into a real online business. Not only has the owner made a great deal of money with the business, they also now walk-away with $149,000 to invest in their next venture. If you parked this domain or put a 5-10 page MiniSite on it I can assure you there would be less than $100/month on the table.

Along with this blockbuster sale Flippa also had a number of other great sales this week, below are some of my favorites:

  • HurricaneCenter.com – $7,500
  • Synbux.com – $6,000
  • NursingSchoolPrograms.com – $5,800
  • GetIMBackGuide.com – $12,000
  • DressupCookingGames.com – $9,000
  • Tek3D.org – $10,000

As usual it just goes to show that a domain name is only a starting-point for a great online business. Along with passive income these businesses can generate nice sales where the domain along might be hard to sell for more than $100.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton