Flippa Friday: OAR.com, Shares.info, Gum.org, DarkCoin.com

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Hello, happy Friday and a very happy 4th of July! It has been pretty incredible to see so many awesome domain names make their way onto Flippa over the past few months. If you’ve been paying attention, the quality of the inventory coming onto Flippa has really gone up and I am very excited about the names I’m sharing today.

So take a break from the BBQ, put down the beer, and check-out these awesome names selling on Flippa right now:

OAR.com – incredibly solid 3 character .COM. What I really like about this one is it is can stand on its own as a word or also be used as acronym. Easy to spell, easy to remember and the first time I’ve seen it on Flippa.

Shares.info – it’s no secret that .INFO has seen some very nice sales over the past year. Currently at $6,200 with 42 bids I could see this name getting over $10,000 before it’s all over.

Gum.org – while I’m not normally crazy about .ORG’s this one is short, easy to remember, and could make a nice brand.

DarkCoin.com – I really like this one, DarkCoin is another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and this is without a doubt the category killer.

216 Domain Portfolio – there have been some nice portfolio sales on Flippa, while I don’t like the vast majority of the names in this portfolio (sorry!) I do think there are some with some meaningful resale value so if the price stays low enough this could be a good buy.

Taski.io – I have mentioned this name before and I still really like it, short, memorable .IO domain.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton