Flippa Friday: My Weekly Flippa Domain Picks

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to my weekly Flippa domain picks. As usual there are some pretty interesting domains listed for sale on Flippa and more signs that a marketplace that we’ve all thought of just for websites is really starting to become a real viable platform to buy and sell domains.

Ready for the picks? Let’s dive in!

Memory.com – while the starting bid might be $100,000 but IMO this could be a high six-figure sale if sold to the right company. That being said I would only buy this if you already have deep connections in the memory-space as you’ll really have to work this one. A company in the memory space could buy this name on Flippa and get a pretty good deal, if someone else doesn’t get to it first!

StudentVisa.info – I talked about this one last week and I still like it. At $365 with less than a day to go I can see this name selling right around $500 which I think is a pretty fair price.

Misc.com – nice short .COM with 5,000 direct navigation visitors/month. Let’s face it, the word Miscellaneous is way too long, this is nice and short, the only problem is that it’s an abbreviation rather than a dominant keyword itself. With all that said I could see this going for $15k – $20k, we’ll have to see what reserve the seller put on it.

(Ends today)

YouAreHere.com – I’ve talked about this the last two weeks, it ends today but at $3,200 still hasn’t hit reserve. If I were a betting man I’d think their reserve is around $5K, will be interesting to see if it hits that in the next six-hours.

Save.co.nz – there have been some nice .CO.NZ sales over the year and I think “Save” is an awesome keyword in this extension. With no reserve this could go low, I might be bidding on this one.

Wonderful.net – I’m not a huge .NET fan but the name has already hit it’s reserve and it’s just north of $50. Anything under $500 is a steal for this name IMO.

As always feel free to share your feedback on any of the names listed above. If you’d like to have your own names listed just send me an email, there’s no fee, I just have to like the name. Happy Friday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton