Flippa Friday: MetalCarportsAndCarportKits.com Sells For $21,200

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, damn is MetalCarportsAndCarportKits.com a terrible domain name. I’m not going to argue with you there, it really is one of the crappiest domains I’ve seen in a long time…but it is a business that makes over $1,000/month and that’s why it sold for over $20,000 on Flippa three days ago.


I think we can all agree that if anyone offered us that domain alone for even $5 we’d laugh in their face and say, “not a chance!” This is a great example though of how just about any domain on the planet, once developed and with a reasonable business-model behind it, can make money and generate revenue.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go find the worst domain you can and develop it into something great, but just think of how much higher this could have sold for if the domain was a bit better. Either way it sold for ~20x monthly revenue which is a bit low in my book but heck, the domain is absolutely abominable so that may have hurt the multiple a bit.

Still, if you look at the stats – it’s a PR2, it gets 44,500 pageview/month and makes over $1,000 with AdSense. There is a lot that could be done to really pump-up that revenue with some better monetization options and tweaking so in my mind this is not a bad deal for the buyer…except that he has to tell people that he paid over $20,000 for MetalCarportsAndCarportKits.com 🙂

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton