Flippa Friday: GSV.com, Ant.io, Sushi.com, Callback.com, Unplug.com

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! It feels like the names are just getting better every week and there are some great names in my top picks this week. So grab a glass of wine and enjoy my domain picks for this week.

GSV.com – nice 3 character .COM, perfect for a company like the Golden Sand Vikings (okay, I made that up) or anyone else who these three letters might be meaningful to.

Ant.io – while a .IO isn’t nearly as valuable as it’s cousin, .COM, it has been on fire lately and this is a nice short name that’s easy to remember. I have a small .IO portfolio and think it will end-up at around 1% of my portfolio by the end of the year. Great speculative investment, not a sure thing.

Sushi.com – monster one-word .COM and with Whisky.com selling for $3.1M this name has a lot of potential, I could see this breaking some records on Flippa, definitely one of the best names I’ve seen on the platform.

Callback.com – it pretty much goes without saying that this would be a pretty kick-ass domain name for a callback service. Also just a nice brand in the telephony space, bidding is still low so we’ll have to see where it ends up after it hits the reserve.

Unplug.com – sometimes you just need to get away from it all and unplug. I can’t say that I do it often, heck I’m on pretty much 24/7 but I have heard of the concept of unplugging and I think I’ll try it someday!

Nearing.com – nice, easy to remember and spell one-word .COM, while I’d like Near.com more, this is still under $10k and a solid name. Still has 14 days to go so I do expect to see it jump up quite a bit over the next few weeks.






AthleticEvents.com – not a terrible domain right? Unfortunately it will be hard to lock-in much of an ROI since it is priced just shy of $1B. If they come down by a few hundred million dollars I think they’ll see a lot more interest.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton