Flippa Friday: Flippa Makes 1.16 Million Dollar Sale

TGIF and welcome to another edition of Flippa Friday! It has been an explosive week at Flippa with a 1.15 million dollar sale happening exactly one week ago. The domain name was hidden for privacy reasons but with revenue north of $140,000/month the buyer got an excellent deal at less than 10x monthly revenue. The domain was registered in 2006 and now boasts over 3 million visitors/month.

This is a great sale for Flippa and if anyone wants to get more information you can sign a non-disclosure agreement and view more details about the auction. Given that the highest reported domain sale this year is GamesForGirls.com at $500,000 it is interesting to see Flippa make a sale at over 2x this amount.

Along with this seven-figure sale there has been a slew of five-figure sales and some great buys for a number of website investors. Some of the top sales this past week are:

  • CookiesGameBurner.com – $10,000 (sold less than 24-hours ago)
  • AbroadReviews.com – $25,000
  • PDFKing.net – $11,000
  • AttorneyHelper.com – $10,000
  • StrideRiteCoupons.org – $11,250
  • GreenEnergyJunkie.com – $24,000
  • Blogetery.com – $23,500

If you look at the domain names above almost none of them would have sold for even $1,000 with the domain name alone, however with a website, traffic, and revenue, it’s a whole different story. Congrats to Flippa for a great week, as usual I’m watching and can tell you this is only the beginning, Flippa is really heating-up and it just goes to show the power of not just talking about how much your domains could make developed, but actually doing it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton