Flippa Friday: Carabiner.com, Salons.com, Templates.info, Reconnect.com

Flippa Friday

Hello, Happy Friday and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! It has been a great week and there are some absolutely stellar names on Flippa this week. Below are some of my top picks, you’ll notice most of them are .COM, as a domain investor this is where you should be focusing.

Carabiner.com – the reserve has been hit and in less than a day this name is going to sell. Currently at $15,100 with 112 bids. This is a stellar name that I think could easily be flipped for 3x – 5x based on where it looks like the price is going to end-up.

Salons.com – this name is a monster. Currently at $75,000 with 19 bids and it hasn’t yet hit the reserve. This is without a doubt a six-figure name with lots of value and flip potential in the future. Names like this have sold for $500,000 – $5M, this is a big one and if you have the budget it could become a life-changing flip later down the road.

Templates.info – .INFO is a TLD that I can still remember investors laughing at when it came out, and those who invested have laughed their way to the bank. Now .INFO has a proven sales record and given how hot the template market is and the great affiliate programs out there this is a great development or flip candidate.

Reconnect.com – this one I really like as a brand, could apply to a lot of different industries. Not as strong as Salons.com and sure I’d rather have Connect.com but for under $30k I see this is a pretty reasonable buy.

eTV.com – nice short memorable .COM, I love these! Currently at $25,000 with five days to go. Internet televisions is a nice big juicy space and this is a great domain for a brand in the space.

HealthSupplements.com – this is an awesome affiliate niche. Great name for an affiliate marketer who wants to get involved in this space and even better for someone with experience who can really give it wings.

Draw.net – as I’ve said about a zillion times now, I’m not a huge fan of .NET, but I do like this one. Don’t expect to make a fortune off this but I do see a 2x – 3x flip for someone who can get it at the right price.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton