Flippa Friday: Carabiner.com, Message.com, BIM.com, Puppy.clothing

Flippa Friday

Wow, a lot has happened in a week on Flippa’s domain marketplace. While there are usually some pretty solid names on there it looks like Flippa is quickly becoming a premium domain empire. Someone is getting rid of some very nice 3L .COM’s with names like BIM.com, LAA.com, and AKU.com.

With so many incredible domain picks on Flippa this week I can tell you this will be my largest Flippa Friday yet. So grab a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy!

Carabiner.com – this is just a great product domain, period. While I don’t think it’s worth five-figures (Carabiners aren’t the most expensive things so you’re going to have to sell a LOT of them) I do see it as a solid buy under $10k. Sure you could “maybe” flip it to REI but don’t expect that to be a done-deal.

Message.com – currently at $55,000 with four days to go. This is without a doubt a six-figure domain name with monster flip potential. The messaging space is hotter than ever with Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and my next door neighbors, Snapchat.

CakeRecipes.com – great recipe domain with nice search volume and lots of easy monetization options. There are also lots of people in the recipe space that might be interested in it as well.

Salons.com – I like this domain as it would be perfect for a startup that is doing something in the Salon space (and there’s a lot of disruption going on in that space right now). That being said, expect a bit of a battle with Salon.com who might come after you if this name changes hands.

Templates.info – websites templates, WordPress templates, email templates, the list goes on. This is a great one for .INFO and anyone with some affiliate store-building chops could turn this into something similar to themeforest.

BIM.com – I love 3L .COM’s but who doesn’t. This is a nice one, especially if your initials are BIM.

Text.org –  20 year-old one-word .ORG. Did you read about Andrew making $25/day from Slang.org? Currently just under $3,400 with 3 days to go. I think this is a great deal under $5k and a pretty good one under $8k.

LongIsland.info – exactly what .INFO was built for. This probably won’t turn into an amazing flip but could be perfect for anyone with a nack for building and monetizing geo-domains…and I know quite a few of those people.

Puppy.clothing – so let’s be honest, dogs actually look pretty darn cute in clothes, and when it’s cold it keeps them even warmer. Don’t expect to make a dime flipping this domain but if you happen to like this niche and want to develop in it, Google will let a .clothing domain rank just as well as a .COM. Still I think Dog.clothing is the better choice if this is a space you are passionate about.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton