Flippa Closes 1.14 Million In Website Sales Over The Last Week

Popular website marketplace Flippa has had an absolutely incredible run so far in Q4 of 2011. The company announced Thursday that they had sold $1,143,908 in sales over the last seven days bringing their overall sales number just north of $63 million. It is clear that buying and selling websites is catching on, in a major way and Flippa is leading the charge.


Along with selling over a million dollars in websites in just seven days 58% of websites listed on Flippa sold in the last three months. That’s a pretty incredible sales percentage but it just goes to show how much liquidity there is in the website space. In the last week Flippa has seen over 6,700 bids and currently there are over 1,500 open listings. For anyone who thought there wasn’t exciting things going on in the website flipping space, let me tell you – there is.

Flippa has had some monster sales lately with Schoolrack.com selling for $91,000 after a total of 27 bids just yesterday! This was a site built back in 2003 that now boasts over 3.3 million pageviews/month and 130,000 registered users. It’s a real online business and just another example of all the great sites that are selling on Flippa every single day.


The data is there, Flippa is growing like crazy and websites are seeing better liquidity than ever before. Of course a great website starts with a great domain name, put the two together and you have a real, liquid asset. Hat’s off to Flippa for making 2011 such an exciting year for website sales, I can only imagine what’s ahead for 2012!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton