Five Ways You Can Use Facebook to Grow Your Domaining Business

I’ll ask you a very important question – do you use Facebook to buy, sell, or monetize your domains? If the answer is “yes” then I’m happy to congratulate you on embracing social media…but if your answer is no then I have to say you might be missing-out on an incredible tool to build your business and revenue.

While Facebook started-out as a social network for friends to stay-connected, it has expanded into Linked-In’s territory as a business networking tool. Facebook has some great features that Domain Investors can use to connect with potential buyers or clients.

The important thing to realize about Facebook is that it’s all about interacting with other people. If all you ever do is send-out messages about yourself then you are missing-out on a vital part of the service. Even if it’s just clicking the “Like” button to indicate you like someone’s post this can make you a more involved user!

Below is a list of five things you can do to help grow your Domaining business using Facebook:

  1. Join one of the many Facebook Groups focused on Domaining
  2. Reach-out to people you met at conferences, in forums, or online and add them as a friend on Facebook
  3. Use a tool like TweetDeck or SU.PR to send your Tweets out to Facebook so your Facebook friends who don’t follow you on Twitter still see your updates
  4. Comment on other Domainers status updates when you have something useful to add
  5. Start your own group to attract clients or other Domainers with similar interests

For those Facebook Guru’s reading this post feel free to share your top five as well!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton