Five Ways To Tell If You’re Addicted To Buying Expired Domains

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Expired domains are often the first place new investors look after burning through a chunk of money hand registering domains. It usually goes something like this. You read about Domaining, get inspired and go on the famous domain name buying spree. After spending a few hundred (or thousand) of dollars on hand registered names and throwing them up on every sales platform you can find you suddenly realize that nobody wants to buy your domains.

At this point there are two directions people go in, they either quit and blame all the early Domainers for taking all the good names or they decide to change strategies and try to buy better names. For those who don’t give up expired domains quickly become an addiction. This can be a good addiction or a bad addiction depending on what names you’re buying and how quickly you can move them.

If you’re making good money buying and selling expired domains then your addiction is justified, if not, you might want to take a deeper dive into education. While some people may try to tell you that it’s easy to get started in Domaining, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a steep learning curve in this industry, but, it’s an incredibly fun industry to be in with amazing people and the more you learn, the more fun it becomes.

So with this said, here’s how to know if you are addicted to buying expired domains:

  1. It’s 2:00AM and you are still awake looking at auctions that don’t end until days from now.
  2. You have started to memorize well-known Domainers auction handles (mine is easy, it’s just lintoninvestments).
  3. At family dinners you find yourself talking about the names you’re bidding on and why.
  4. You read multiple posts all covering the same top picks from NameJet.
  5. Holidays become your favorite days not because of the holiday itself but because less people are actively bidding on expired domains.

Of course there are more than five ways to tell if you’re addicted to buying expired domains, feel free to share some of your own below!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton