Five Awesome WordPress Themes For App-Makers (Updated for 2014)

So you’ve been working morning, afternoon, night, weekend, heck you’re inventing hours you didn’t even know existed to build your app. While the vast majority of your app downloads will come through the app store, having a nice clean website is a great way to convert customers who are on the fence into regular users. Here’s the thing, you want to build a site that’s easy to update, since like most software, changes will be coming, frequently.

I’ve always found that WordPress is the best platform to quickly get a site up and running that you can tweak and change over time. The real edge that WordPress has over every other platform out there is their incredibly deep and diverse theme library. I stick to themes built by professional designers because, well, I suck at design and really shouldn’t be doing it. So, if I can spend under $100 and have a site designed by a professional designer and coded to look great no matter what device someone is using, then I’m a happy camper, and you probably will be too.

Below are five WordPress themes that I think will make your new app really shine, enjoy!

Nimble App WordPress Theme

NIBLE (Elegant Themes)

Nimble isn’t just a great-looking theme, it’s also incredibly well coded with a responsive layout and lifetime updates included. This is one thing I am very picky about when it comes to WordPress themes, I don’t want spent time fixing someone else’s bugs. I really like how clean the design is and the color scheme is nice and web 2.0 without going overboard. I put this first for a reason, it’s one of my all-time favorites and very soon could be one of yours. (See a Demo)

Definition by Woo Themes


While I’ll admit, it doesn’t have quite as much “pop” as Nimble does, Definition is just a very solid, clean, and incredibly easy to configure WordPress theme. My favorite thing about Woo Themes is that the backend is always insanely easy to setup. Also their themes never break and honestly there hasn’t been a single time I’ve ever found a bug, and I’ve used them for 5+ years! (See a Demo)

Thesis Skin Editor


If you like to get your hands dirty and customize every last pixel then Thesis is the theme you’ve been waiting for. While generally intended for personal blogs and business sites Thesis is a canvas for which you can paint your most intricate digital picture. While I don’t think this will be ideal for all app-makers it is without a doubt an awesome theme for those who love to tinker. (See a demo)

Paralx WordPress Theme

PARALX (ThemeForest)

I absolutely love this theme. Simple way to showcase your app, pitch it, and provide more details when you scroll. It really stands-alone as a static landing page perfectly and provides the additional depth some users might want before giving your app a try. It also includes MailChimp integration out of the gate which is a nice perk if you have a newsletter or “Stay Informed” list. (See a Demo)

Fusion Theme

FUSION THEME (Elegant Themes)

I think this is one of the best themes out there for apps in the entertainment space. Fully responsive and thanks to some pretty slick shortcodes it’s easy to create more complex layouts without having to dig into the code. (See a Demo)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton