Fashion Friday – A Dress Shirt with Reflectors? Bikers Rejoice!

Fashion Friday

Hi, Happy Friday, and welcome to Fashion Friday here on Today I wanted to talk about something that many of my buddies who bike to work will appreciate – a dress shirt with reflectors built in. Sounds like the future? It’s 2013 baby, we’re living in the future!

Bike Shirt Reflector

As you can see the dress shirt shown above does have actual reflectors built-into the shirt, but they’re only there when you need them. You can still don this shirt at the office and look good while you’re doing it:

Reflector Shirt Normal

See, looks like a totally normal shirt. This nifty idea has come out of Betabrand, one of my favorite fashion companies, as you can tell, they’re not afraid to think a bit differently.

If you bike to work this might just be the shirt you’ve been looking for, either way, it’s a great idea in my book, now they just need to get more colors!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton