FailCon Highlights The Importance Of Failure

The FailCon conference took-place in San Francisco highlighting the importance of failure and the lessons that come from it along the entrepreneur’s journey. I absolutely love the motto of this conference – Embrace Your Mistakes, Build Your Success. One of the things I really appreciate about all of the great startup conferences I’ve attended this year is the focus on failure. There is less bragging about success and more discussion of the how particular failures led to that success.


TechCrunch had the opportunity to sit down with legendary Venture Capitalist and Sun Microsystems CEO Vinod Khosla. In the interview Khosla talks about how he’s failed far more than he’s succeeded, but without these failures, the successes might never have taken place.

I’m a big proponent of learning from successful business leaders and Vinod is high on my list of people to learn from. If like me, you missed FailCon at the very least watch the video below and learn from the mistakes of one of the most successful businesspeople on the planet:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton