Facebook usernames – Investors Welcome?

At 9:00PM PST for the first time in Facebook history users will be able to pick a unique user name that will come with a corresponding URL. There has been a lot of speculation about the potential value of these names in the future. While Facebook certainly has no plans to allow users to openly buy and sell their Facebook user names – it’s going to happen.

So what can you do to be prepared? Well, first-off, this is not like a domain name, but it is still a piece of online real estate. The great thing is it’s free – which is also the downside since you’ll be competing with lots of people that most likely want to get the same name as you. For all the people named John, Dan, and Ben – I’m sorry but if you want your name, you’ll most likely get stuck with John00123 or Ben1995.

As an investor I always look at situations like these as potential investments – and you should too! While taking your name might be your first instinct, think of how valuable a “generic” could be in Facebook-land. I don’t want to say much more here as I want to secure my username first before divulging my strategy.

So all you Friday night party animals might want to hold-back on the beer until after 9 because you’ve got an important decision ahead of you. If you’re on the East Coast – 12 on a Friday might be too late to avoid a drunked stupor so watch your typing…then again who knows – typo usernames might be worth something someday too!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton