Everyone else seems to be doing it so why not? My decade highlights

With the decade coming to an end I’m seeing lots of posts on Twitter where people review the last decade in their life. So I thought I may as well join in here on my blog. I can only do a post like this every ten years so may as well not miss the chance! So here we go, in the last decade I:

  • Got married to the love of my life Daina ❤️
  • Became an Uncle (three times!) 🧒 🧒 🧒
  • Left my day job (Sonos) after nine years 🚪
  • Bought a bunch of Sonos stock 💰
  • Started a software company – Bold Metrics 💻
  • Lived in Los Angeles, Austin, and now San Francisco 🌉
  • Blogged daily for the entire decade ✍️
  • Invested in domain names rather than stocks or real estate 👨‍💻
  • Traveled the world 🌍
  • Had some great backpacking adventures 🏔
  • Had some amazing skiing adventures ⛷

It’s pretty surreal to be writing this post while in Seoul, South Korea. One constant in my life for the last two decades has been traveling around the world. People who know Daina and I well, know that we plan to live in Asia for quite some time, possibly the rest of our lives and it has been so satisfying to explore Asia and try to find our next home.

I love the US, it has been great living the first 38 years of my life there, and I look forward to spending the second half of my life on the East. No, we aren’t moving yet, we’re still probably a couple years away, but the gears are in motion to find the next country we’ll call home, and that’s damn exciting.

Here’s to the decade ahead, there’s no doubt in my mind it’s going to be a grand adventure…and of course, I’ll be bringing all of you with me as I plan to blog for at least the next five decades!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton